What is Finite Element Analysis ?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a numerical simulation tool used to predict structure response to the given load or testing conditions.The FEA simulation could find out potential design issues, allow for design/process changes in very early stage, and then save project redesign/testing time, cost, etc.

What We do ?

We provide low cost and professional Finite Elemenet Analysis (FEA) engineering consulting services. We help solve all types of mechanical engineering and structure engineering analysis problems.

What will be the Result of FEA project ?

A full standard FEA analysis report. The detailed analysis results including: stress, strain, deflection, safety factor, reaction force, temperature, etc.Project description and FEA input information.Summary, conclusion, comments and suggestions. Colorful image and animation files

We provide following FEA Analysis.

  • Structure Stress Analysis.
  • Thermal Stress Analysis.
  • Electromagnetics Analysis.
  • Multiphysics Analysis.
  • Static/Dynamic Analysis.
  • Linear/Nonlinear Analysis.
  • Impact Analysis.
  • Fatigue Analysis.
  • Fracture Analysis.
  • Modal Analysis.
  • Buckling Analysis.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Composite Analysis.