What is Failure Analysis ?

Products Failure Analysis services improve product quality and apply to a variety of manufactured products, components and materials, including metals, plastics, electronics, and more.

What We do ?

Failure analysis is the mechanical, physical, and chemical investigation into the cause and sequence of events that lead to a product condition in which the product no longer meets expectations. If your product or component fails or does not perform as expected, Vymanik Aerospace's applies materials science to provide the actionable information you need for continuous improvement efforts and warranty analysis.
Failure analysis testing can be valuable in any situation where knowing the true causes of a failure will fundamentally improve engineering and management decisions. Our materials, chemical, metallurgical, and mechanical testing experts will guide you through the entire process. We work according to your schedule, ensuring that your project is completed quickly and on budget.

We provide following CFD Analysis.

  • Failure Analysis - Metals and Non-Metals.
  • Metallurgical Testing.
  • Non-Metal Performance Testing.
  • Environmental and Durability Testing.