Engineering Solutions

concept design, drafting, analysis & optimization, prototyping etc.

Skill Training

CAD/CAM, U.A.V piloting, Rocket Manufacturing,Balloon manufacturing.

Engineered Systems

Industrial Drone,Sounding Rockets, Nano/micro Satellites.

About Us

Vymanik Aerospace Solutions LLP is a freshly incorporated entity, which is established keeping a long term vision in mind especially in the Aerospace & Mechanical engineering section.

Services We Provide

We provide one-stop solution for your project from concept design to production. Sticking to the principle of “customer-oriented” guideline, we are dedicated ourselves to meet your needs and satisfaction.

Engineering Services

Finite Element Analysis (FEA),Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD),Computer Aided Design/Draft (CAD),Failure Analysis,PCB designing and analysis.

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A.M.E HR Services

Our maintenance Engineers (Retired Airforce personals and AME engineers provides onsite HR services for maintaining Aircrafts. We also provide sales of Electric Aircraft.

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Aerial Services

Aerial Surveillence and mapping,Surveillance of illegal activities. Monitoring of flooding. Anti-terror operations. Monitoring of critical infrastructure, etc.

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R&D products

Products we offer like Industrial Drones, Defence Drones, Electric Aircrafts, Long Range systems, Automation Boards, AI UAV softwares.

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I.T Services

Android/ios app development, Software Development, UAV automation, ERP softwares, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic designing.

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Educational Services

Technical Empowerment program provides additional mentoring and skill development opportunities to help the participants for becoming Industrialized experts.

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Our Workshops

A glimpse through our Workshops.

UAV Designing

A hands on Workshop on Drone modelling

Rocket Modelling

A Initial step to Space Explorations.

Hot-air Balloon Designing

To see through birds eye

Why Vymanik Aerospace ?

Vymanik Aerospace is a professional engineering consulting and service firm who is actively involved in engineering design, analysis, manufacturing and global sourcing services.

Experience and Reliable

We are a rapid growing engineering service firm and we have handled a wide variety of projects.Our excellent engineering solution skill guaranteed the accurate and quick service.

Skilled Engineers

our engineers are drawn from industry and have more than 10 years' product design and engineering analysis experience, most of us have PhD or Master's degree of mechanical/ structure engineering.

Creative & Innovative

Our products are of higher level of creativity and innovation.

Low Cost

We offer you the best service under the lowest cost.

Recent Projects

We worked on many projects from our clients in wide range of industry fields, here are some projects we had ever done.

Air Fluid Simulation


CFD simulation of Industrial purpose Quadcopter

Contact Analysis


Simulation of thin diaphram under load(contact Analysis).

Sounding Rocket


Modelling & drafting of Sounding Rocket. Range-200km

Hot-air Ballooning

Enjoying Birds view

An adventure sports

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Our Clients

Our clients are from a very wide range of industries. Some of our satisfied clients include: